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The research group 'Decentralized Systems and Network Services' designs and analyzes protocols, algorithms, and architectures for ubiquitous connected systems. We are primarily interested in Networked Vehicles, in fundamental and open questions related to Networked Content Access, as well as in the simulation of Networked Systems.

DSN Structure

Networked Content & Security

  • IT-Sicherheitsmanagement
    • Secure Data Sharing
    • Secure Data Outsourcing (Database-as-a-Service)
    • Federated Identity Management
  • Bitcoin-Network Analysis

Selected Publications:

Networked Vehicles

  • Information Dissemination
  • Congestion Control
  • GLOSA for Electric Vehicles
  • Safety Applications
  • Diagnostic Applications
    • Remote Software Update
    • Remote Vehicle Analysis

Selected Publications:

Networked Systems Simulation

  • Peer-to-Peer-Netzwerke
  • Simulation drahtloser Netzwerke
  • Parallele und verteilte Simulation

Selected Publications: