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Dr.-Ing. Tessa Tielert

Dr.-Ing. Tessa Tielert

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  • Mitarbeiterin von 2009 bis 2014
  • Karlsruher Institut für Technologie (KIT)
    Institut für Telematik (TM)
    Dezentrale Systeme und Netzdienste (DSN)

    Geb. 20.21
    Zirkel 2
    76131 Karlsruhe


Joint Power/Rate Congestion Control Optimizing Packet Reception in Vehicle Safety Communications.
Tielert, T.; Jiang, D.; Hartenstein, H.; Delgrossi, L.
2013. Proceeding VANET ’13 Proceeding of the tenth ACM international workshop on Vehicular inter-networking, systems, and applications, Taipei, Taiwan — June 25 - 25, 2013, 51–60, The Association for Computing Machinery, New York. doi:10.1145/2482967.2482968
Can V2X Communication Help Electric Vehicles Save Energy?.
Tielert, T.; Rieger, D.; Hartenstein, H.; Luz, R.; Hausberger, S.
2012. 12th International Conference on ITS Telecommunications (ITST 2012), 5.-8. November, 2012, Taipei, Taiwan, 232–237, IEEE, Piscataway (NJ). doi:10.1109/ITST.2012.6425172
Design Methodology and Evaluation of Rate Adaptation Based Congestion Control for Vehicle Safety Communications.
Tielert, T.; Jiang, D.; Chen, Q.; Delgrossi, L.; Hartenstein, H.
2011. 2011 IEEE Vehicular Networking Conference, VNC 2011; Amsterdam; Netherlands; 14 November 2011 through 16 November 2011, 116–123, IEEE, Piscataway (NJ). doi:10.1109/VNC.2011.6117132
Mathematical Modeling of Channel Load in Vehicle Safety Communications.
Chen, Q.; Jiang, D.; Tielert, T.; Delgrossi, T.
2011. 4th International Symposium on Wireless Vehicular Communications (WIVEC 2011), 5-6 September 2011, San Francisco, United States 
DEMO : Simulation-as-a-Service for ITS Applications.
Harri, J.; Killat, M.; Tielert, T.; Mittag, J.; Hartenstein, H.
2010. Proceedings of the 71st Vehicular Technology Conference, Taipei, Taiwan, 16th - 19th May 2010, IEEE, Piscataway (NJ). doi:10.1109/VETECS.2010.5494221
The Impact of Traffic-Light-to-Vehicle Communication on Fuel Consumption and Emissions.
Tielert, T.; Killat, M.; Hartenstein, H.; Luz, R.; Hausberger, S.; Benz, T.
2010. 2nd International Internet of Things Conference, IoT 2010; Tokyo; Japan; 29 November 2010 through 1 December 2010, Art. Nr.: 5678454, IEEE, Piscataway (NJ). doi:10.1109/IOT.2010.5678454
Design and Performance of Secure Geocast for Vehicular Communication.
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Visualizing and Understanding Spatio-Temporal Correlations of Data Dissemination in Vehicular Environments.
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2008. 2nd IEEE International Symposium on Wireless Vehicular Communications (WiVeC), Calgary, Canada, 21st - 22nd September 2008 
Cumulative Noise and 5.9 GHz DSRC Extensions for ns-2.28.
Schmidt-Eisenlohr, F.; Torrent-Moreno, M.; Tielert, T.; Mittag, J.; Hartenstein, H.
2006. Universität Karlsruhe, Karlsruhe. doi:10.5445/IR/1000005768VolltextVolltext der Publikation als PDF-Dokument