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Dr.-Ing. Matthias Keller

Dr.-Ing. Matthias Keller

  • Alumni
  • Mitarbeiter von 2009 bis 2014
  • Karlsruher Institut für Technologie (KIT)
    Institut für Telematik (TM)
    Dezentrale Systeme und Netzdienste (DSN)

    Geb. 20.21
    Zirkel 2
    76131 Karlsruhe


On Spatial Measures of Geographic Relevance for Geotagged Social Media Content.
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On Spatial Measures for Geotagged Social Media Contents.
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Search Result Presentation: Supporting Post-Search Navigation by Integration of Taxonomy Data.
Keller, M.; Mühlschlegel, P.; Hartenstein, H.
2013. Data In Web Search (DISH) Workshop, Proceedings of the 22nd International World Wide Web Conference (WWW2013), May 13-17, 2013, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 1269–1274, The Association for Computing Machinery, New York 
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Cascading Style Sheets : A Novel Approach Towards Productive Styling with Today’s Standards.
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