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Courses at Decentralized Systems and Network Services Research Group

Our research group teaches the following lectures to students of the Informatics and Information Engineering and Management:

  • During WS: IT-Sicherheitsmanagement für vernetzte Systeme (+ Tutorial)
    • This lecture is held every winter term (WS).
    • A tutorial is offered for this lecture.
  • During SS: Access Control Systems: Foundations and Practice (+ Lab)
    • This lecture is held every summer term (SS).
    • A lab is offered for this lecture.

For participants of the Teaching Degree Program in Computer Science (B.Ed.) we additionally hold the following course:

  • During WS: Selected Topics for Teacher Education in Informatics: Society, People, Systems
    • This lecture is held every winter term (WS).
    • This lecture is obligatory for the Teaching Degree Program and recommended for the 5th semester.

We furthermore offer seminars and proseminars about selected subjects taken from the fields of our lectures. The concrete topics will always be published on this website in time for the coming term.

Courses in current semester

Summer term 2018
Title Type
Vorlesung (V)
Praktikum (P)
Seminar (S)
Seminar (S)

Courses in upcoming semester

Winter term 2018/19
Title Type
Vorlesung / Übung (VÜ)
Vorlesung (V)
Vorlesung (V)

Courses in past semester

Winter term 2017/18
Title Type Semester Place
WS 17/18
Seminar (S) WS 17/18

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