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Information on Online Teaching of the DSN Group During the COVID-19 Pandemic


Our plan, as of 01.04.2020, is to offer all courses of the DSN research group in digital form. Information on the digital offers (streaming, recordings, slide material and discussion platforms) can be found in the respective ILIAS courses (see below). Registrations for labs and seminars take place via the Wiwi-Portal or via mail. The accepted participants will then be added to the ILIAS course. The ILIAS courses of the lectures can be entered without password during the first weeks of lectures.

Oral exams for "Access Control Systems" and "Decentralized Systems" are available in September and October (contact Ms. Hopprich for scheduling). The second written exam for "IT Security Management" will take place on 27.07. in the "Tulla-Hörsaal" (see news/table below).

We wish you, despite the pandemic, a successful semester and, under these unusual circumstances, a good time in your studies.

Courses at Decentralized Systems and Network Services Research Group

Our research group teaches the following lectures to students of Informatics and Information Systems:

  • During WS: IT-Sicherheitsmanagement für vernetzte Systeme (+ Tutorial)
    • This lecture is held every winter term (WS).
    • An excercise course is offered for this lecture.
    • Both lecture and exercise course are held in German.
    • This lecture will not be held in the winter term of 2020/21 as an exception due to a research semester.
  • During SS: Access Control Systems: Foundations and Practice (+ Lab)
    • This lecture is held every summer term (SS).
    • A lab is offered for this lecture.
  • During SS: Decentralized Systems: Fundamentals, Modeling, and Applications
    • This lecture is held every summer term (SS).
    • Decentralized Systems is offered for the first time in the summer term of 2020.

For participants of the Teaching Degree Program in Computer Science (B.Ed.) we additionally hold the following course:

  • During WS: Selected Topics for Teacher Education in Informatics: Society, People, Systems
    • This lecture is held every winter term (WS).
    • This lecture is obligatory for the Teaching Degree Program and recommended for the 5th semester.
    • An excercise course is offered for this lecture.

Furthermore, we offer seminars and proseminars about selected subjects taken from the fields of our lectures. The concrete topics will always be published on this website in time for the coming term.

Courses in Summer Term 2020

Lectures and Excercises

Name Time and Place ILIAS Contact
Access Control Systems: Foundations and Practice Fridays, 11:30 AM, Bldg.. 50.34, Hall -101 Link Marc Leinweber
Decentralized Systems: Fundamentals, Modeling, and Applications Thursdays, 2:00 PM, Bldg. 50.34, SR 131 Link Matthias Grundmann

Seminars and Labs

21 Feb 20, 12:00 AM to 26 April 20 11:59 PM

Name Registration ILIAS Contact
Access Control Systems Lab Wiwi-Portal or via mail with matriculation number Link Florian Jacob
Proseminar Bitcoin & Blockchain Wiwi-Portal
17 Feb 20, 12:00 AM to 23 Feb 20, 11:59 PM
Link Oliver Stengele
Seminar Hot Topics in Decentralized Systems Wiwi-Portal
17 Feb 20, 12:00 AM to 6 Apr 20, 11:59 PM
Link Oliver Stengele
Praxis der Softwareentwicklung: [matrix] see IPD Snelting see IPD Snelting Florian Jacob

The list of seminar topics can be found by following the respective registration links.


Written Exam

Lecture Time Place Registration Period
IT-Sicherheitsmanagement für vernetzte Systeme:
post exam
27.07., 8:00 AM Tulla-Hörsaal (Bldg. 11.40) active until 20.07, 12:59 PM

Oral Exam

The following courses will be examined orally. Please contact the secretary of the group Mrs. Hopprich.

  • Access Control Systems (registration closes 2020-11-11)
  • Decentralized Systems Systems (registration closes 2020-11-11)