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Bro Workshop Europe

The Decentralized Systems and Network Services Research Group hosts the first European Bro Workshop in September 2018.
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The workshop covers a wide range of topics concering the open source network security monitoring software Bro. Bro was developed in 1995 by Vern Paxon at Lawrence Berkley National Laboratory (LBL), USA. Since then, Bro has become an important project in network security monitoring and is the basis for various research around the world. It is used by universities, big IT companies and public agencies. Since 2010, the Bro project is supported by the National Science Foundation (NSF).

The program will consist of talks by the bro development team and external contributors from science and industry. The workshop aims to bring together the Bro user community in Europe for which traveling to the US-based events has often been difficult. It is supported by the International Computer Science Institute (ICSI). From a scientific standpoint, the workshop enables professional exchange about technologies with a high practical relevance in IT security.

The workshop will take place on

September 18th and 19th, 2018 in Seminarraum A und B of the Audimax (Bldg. 30.95, Campus Süd).

The workshop is a one-day event split in two half-days to allow easy traveling for participants in Europe. Registration is no longer open.

If you are interested in giving a talk at the Workshop, please send an email to info∂bro.org.