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NS-3 and Wifi - An Overview of Physical Layer Models

NS-3 and Wifi - An Overview of Physical Layer Models
Tagung:Workshop on NS-3, in conjunction with SIMUTools 2009 Links:Download der Vortragsfolien
Tagungsort:Rome, Italy
Referent:Jens Mittag, Timo Bingmann


In research on wireless communications and development of new protocols, simulations are one of the main tools for evaluation and optimization of new ideas. However, the credability of obtained simulation results depends heavily on accuracy and correctness of the models applied to the lower wireless layers. Since ns-3, the successor of the most commonly used simulator in network research, ns-2, is now ready to be used, we provide an overview and description of the currently implemented radio propagation and 802.11 transceiver models in ns-3. During this review we outline simplifications and limitations of these models. Finally, we emphasize the special care which must be taken during application and configuration of lower layer models to yield meaningful observations and significant results.