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Ansprechpartner:Hannes Hartenstein, Moritz Killat Links:
Based on the overall description of a common European architecture for an inter-vehicle and vehicle-to-infrastructure communication system defined by COMeSafety PRE-DRIVE C2X shall develop a detailed system specification and a functionally verified prototype. It will be robust enough to be used in future field operational tests of cooperative systems. Furthermore PRE-DRIVE C2X shall develop an integrated simulation model for cooperative systems, which, for the first time, enables a holistic approach for estimation of the expected benefits in terms of safety, efficiency and environment. This work shall be topped of by the development of tools and methods necessary for functional verification and testing of cooperative systems in laboratory environment, on test tracks and on real roads in the framework of a field operational test. In the project these shall be applied to the PRE-DRIVE C2X prototype system in order to verify its proper functionality and to do a limited impact assessment including an user acceptance test. Last but not least extensive dissemination activities are planned in order to communicate the benefits of cooperative systems vehicle technology to the public and to address all relevant European stakeholders.
The focus of the DSN research group in PRE-DRIVE C2X is on an appropriate representation of the car-to-X communication behavior to be used in computer simulations. Depending on the studied scenario the requirements for modeling communication may vary from precise and thus time-intensive to efficient but statistically correct computations. A simulation architecture that provides a suitable tradeoff for many differing scenarios poses a huge challenge to (vehicular) traffic and communication engeneers alike. For this sake, the DSN research group collaborates in PRE-DRIVE with industrial and academic partners from various disciplines.