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Mobile networks: Performance evaluation of wireless local area networks

Mobile networks: Performance evaluation of wireless local area networks
Typ: Seminar
Lehrstuhl: ITM Hartenstein
Semester: Hauptdiplom
Ort: SR 367, Geb. 20.20
Zeit: Mo, 15:45 - 17:15 Uhr
Wintersemester 2007/08
Beginn: 22.10.2007
Dozent: H. Hartenstein,
M. Killat,
F. Schmidt-Eisenlohr
SWS: 2
LVNr.: 24379
Hinweis: Das Seminar (Präsentation und Ausarbeitung) findet in englischer Sprache statt.
With wireless local area network technology, not only classical telecommunication operators but virtually everyone was enabled to set up wireless/mobile networks. In tools or in toys, WLAN is now present everywhere. The IEEE 802.11 standard for WLAN gets amendments frequently, either improving performance, adding functionality or extending its use to new domains, e.g., to domains like vehicular networks. In this seminar we take a look at selected fundamental papers that deal with performance evaluation of WLANs. The overall goal is a deep understanding of the basic ideas and techniques to analyze and define the capability of wireless networks.

The ambitious content of these papers may require the participating students to rework some basic knowledge (e.g., in mathematics) but their comprehension benefits from the joint work of two students per paper.

List of proposed papers (to be continued/changed):

  • F. Cali, M. Conti,E. Gregori: IEEE 802.11 wireless LAN: capacity analysis and protocol enhancement (INFOCOMM 1998)
  • N. Vaidya, A. Dugar, S. Gupta, P. Bahl: Distributed fair scheduling in a wireless LAN (IEEE Transactions on Mobile Computing, Vol. 4, Is. 6, 2005)
  • G. Bianchi: Performance analysis of the IEEE 802.11 distributed coordination function (IEEE Journal on Selected Areas in Communications
    (JSAC), Vol. 18, Is. 3, 2000)
  • F. Tobagi, L. Kleinrock: Packet Switching in Radio Channels: Part II--The Hidden Terminal Problem in Carrier Sense Multiple-Access and the Busy-Tone Solution (IEEE Transactions on Communications, Vol. 23, Is. 12, 1975)