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Research field 'Networked Systems Simulation'

Within the research field Networked Systems Simulation we analyze and simulate Distributed Hash Tables (DHTs). We focus on the following research topics:
  • Analysis
    • Monitoring and static analysis of DHTs
    • Autonomic and decentralized Bootstrapping
    • Peer-to-Peer based service plattforms
  • Simulation
    • Realistic models of public DHTs
    • Model validation
    • Evaluation and Optimization of DHT protocols
  • Parallel Simulation
    • Analysis of the parallelism inherent in different classes of networks
    • Tools for simulative investigation of parallelism potentials
    • Efficient implementation of network simulations for HPC and GPGPU platforms

Team of the research field 'Networked Systems Simulation'

Name Title Phone E-mail
Dr.rer.nat.   philipp andelfingerQib6∂tum-create edu sg
Dr.-Ing.   konrad juenemannWdw1∂gmail com