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Sesam (BMBF research program: Internet Economy)

Sesam (BMBF research program: Internet Economy)
Contact:Hannes Hartenstein, Jochen Dinger links:
Project Group:Research Project
Liberalization and globalization require markets organized on a decentralized level – monopolistic structures are broken up and barriers are overcome. The internet offers revolutionary potentials. The project 'Self Organization and Spontaneity in Liberalized and Harmonized Markets' is based on the assumption that the internet encourages self organizing networks and spontaneous activities of market actors and can be an important contribution towards liberalization, globalization and consequently harmonization.
sesam LogoThe goal of DSN research group within the project Sesam is to provide an internet-based software system for electronic marketplaces, where decentralization is essential. We have been heavily involved in the Sesam’s architecture design which combines the service-oriented (SOA) approach with peer-to-peer (P2P) networks (for further information see publications). Currently we are focused on the evaluation of suitable P2P-networks which support services through self-organizing mechanisms.