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type: seminar
chair: ITM Hartenstein
semester: 7
place: SR 367, Building 20.20
time: Mon, 15:45 - 17:15
Winter semester 2006/07
start: 10/23/2006
lecturer: H. Hartenstein,
M. Killat,
F. Schmidt-Eisenlohr,
M. Torrent-Moreno
sws: 2
lv-no.: 24382
information: Seminar language: English (report and presentation)

Registration closed. The seminar is fully booked.

Swamped by the enormous number of research papers in the field of computer science that one could never read in a lifetime, in January 2006 Jim Kurose initiated a call asking his colleagues to recommend ten networking papers they consider to be most important. He started this process by setting up his own personal list of papers that inspired him most or that he simply considers to be most interesting or thought-provoking. The resulting group can be considered as a selected list of some of the most break-through research achivements on the field of networking, a short list where fundamental results were presented that have been broadly used and referenced ever after.

This seminar will discuss six of these ten papers that have been published during the last 30 years to provide the students a fundamental basis that not only all CS researchers but also anyone interested in theoretical background should have. Due to their precise structure often based on some mathematical background the quality of the papers requires a good motivation as well as analitical skills from the student's side. In order to aid comprehension each paper will be assigned to
a team of two students.

All seminar reports are available here as PDF.