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NOW - Network on Wheels

NOW - Network on Wheels
Contact:Hannes Hartenstein, Jérôme Härri, Marc Torrent-Moreno links:
Project Group:Research Project
The NOW project is joining the efforts of German industry and academia to solve technical key questions on the communication protocols and data security for car-to-car communications and to submit the results to the standardization activities of the Car2Car Communication Consortium, which is an initiative of major European car manufacturers and suppliers. Furthermore, a test bed for functional tests and demonstrations is implemented which will be developed further on toward a reference system for the Car2Car Communication Consortium specifications.
NOW LogoThe NOW project addresses all issues from design and standardization of a car-to-car and car-to-infrastructure communication system until its market introduction. While being involved in the whole project, at the DSN group we are mainly focusing our efforts in the design of robust inter-vehicle communications. In our aim to implement a reliable communication system we cover the following topics:
  • Understand radio propagation characteristics in different vehicluar environments
  • Analyze the impact of fading effects on communication protocols
  • Design of strategies to fight against adverse conditions
  • Design of protocols tailored to the different inter-vehicle specific applications
  • Implement our protocols and test them in real scenarios