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ITK Engineering

Bachelor thesis awarded: Jan Bartsch joined

ITK Student Award

Alexander Degitz gave the opening lecture of the Cyber Security Lecture Series at Georgia Tech with the topic 'Secure Data Outsourcing'. The lecture can be viewed at



Open positions:
The DSN research group is currently looking for academic researchers within the field of Security & Performance in Distributed Systems. 


Open positions:

The DSN research group is currently looking for two academic researchers within the fields of GPU-based simulation of networked systems and Blockchain-based approaches for establishing security guarantees.

Workshop announcement: Value-Sensitive Design of Internet-Based Services: Towards an Integration of Technology and Values (Call for Papers) at 46. Jahrestagung der Gesellschaft für Informatik, September 26-30 2016 in Klagenfurt. 03/15/2016
ACM SIGSAC The Call for Paper for ACM SACMAT 2016 is available. 11/06/2015
ITK Engineering Bachelor thesis awarded: Florian Jacob joined ITK Student Award 06/26/2015
Prof. Hartenstein will give a keynote entitled "Vehicular communication and applications: who depends on whom?" on this year's IEEE ICC workshop on Dependable Vehicular Communications, taking place in London on the 12th of June 2015. (Keynote slides) 04/17/2015
BitMON: the restructured and fully interactive Web-Interface to the results of our monitoring of the most widely deployed DHT is now  online . 03/06/2015
Dr.-Ing. Sebastian Labitzke received the FZI Award for his outstanding dissertation on Avoiding Unintended Flows of Personally Identifiable Information - Enterprise Identity Management and Online Social Networks. 07/23/2014
  Project completion:
The EU-project Drive C2X celebrated its successful completion in Berlin on the 16th/17th of July 2014.
Further information
  Dr.-Ing. Jens Mittag received the KIT Doktorandenpreis for his outstanding dissertation on "Characterization, Avoidance and Repair of Packet Collisions in Inter-Vehicle Communication Networks" 11/09/2013
ITK Engineering Bachelor thesis awarded: Florian Werling joined ITK Student Award 08/30/2013
Dr. Jens Mittag  FZI-Award Dr.-Ing. Jens Mittag received the FZI award for his outstanding dissertation on "Characterization, Avoidance and Repair of Packet Collisions in Inter-Vehicle Communication Networks" 07/12/2013
WiVEC 2013 Prof. Hartenstein gave a keynote entitled "Why is Vehicular (still) Challenging? - Unresolved issues and future directions in WiVeC research" on this year's WiVeC, which took place in Dresden in June 2013 (Slides). 03/25/2013
eic Sebastian Labitzke gave a talk at the European Identity & Cloud Conference 2013. Title: Now SAML takes it all: Federation of non Web-based Services in the State of Baden-Württemberg (Slides). 05/15/2013
Call for papers: GI/ITG KuVS Fachgespräch Inter-Vehicle Communication (02/21 - 02/22/2013 in Innsbruck, Austria) 12/21/2012
IEEE Jens Mittag and Tessa Tielert received one best paper award each at the International Conference on Intelligent Transport Systems Telecommunications (ITST) in Taipei, Taiwan 12/21/2012
Uniserv The Diploma thesis Entwurf und Implementierung einer Lösung zur automatischen Überführung von Datenanforderungen auf Verschlüsselungs­mechanismen in der Cloud has been awarded the Forschungspreis "Algorithmen für effiziente Daten­verarbeitung" founded by Uniserv. The thesis has been completed by Jens Köhler and has been advised by Konrad Jünemann at the DSN research group. 10/15/2012

The presentation slides of Prof. Hartenstein's talk at the Vehicular Networking and Intelligent Transportation Systems Summer School are available here.

Call for Papers: IEEE Transactions on Vehicular Technology: Special Section on Vehicular Network and Communication System – From Laboratory into Reality 07/20/2012
ns-3 The updated version 1.2 of NS-3-PhySimWiFi based on NS-3.13 and including minor bugfixes is available for download. 04/25/2012
Tessa Tielert received the Best Paper Award at VNC 2011 in Amsterdam, November 14-16, 2011 11/17/2011
Open position: The DSN group offers a research position within the Research Training Group 1194 "Self-organizing Sensor Actuator Networks". More information here. 11/11/2011
itst 2011 Thomas Mangel received the Best Paper Award at ITST 2011 held in St. Petersburg, Russland during August 23-25, 2011 08/25/2011
ns-3 The updated version 1.1 of NS-3-PhySimWiFi with new features and bugfixes is available for download. 08/19/2011

DSN was represented at the W3C/PrimeLife Workshop on Federated Social Web: presentation and panel discussion on Privacy on the Federated Social Web (read more...) 06/15/2011


The results of the seminar held in Dagstuhl in October 2010 will be published in the IEEE Communications Magazine. 06/14/2011
JKad, a Java implementation of the Kademlia protocol, has been released. JKad is especially tailored to the needs of academic research . 06/08/2011

On February 9th, 2011, we organized a seminar on "Virtual Networks and Network Virtualization" under the umbrella of the KIT competence field "Kommunikationstechnik". The slides of all presentations are now available for download. Further information and download links can be found here (in German). 02/17/2011
ns-3 Together with the Signals & Systems group at Chalmers University Gothenburg, we have released the source code for NS-3-PhySim, a detailed IEEE 802.11 Physical Layer Implementation in NS-3. 09/13/2010
BitMON: automated monitoring of the BitTorrent peer-to-peer network is online. 08/19/2010
Call for Papers: The seventh international ACM-Workshop "VehiculAr Inter-NETworking" (VANET 2010) will take place on 24th of September 2010 in Chicago, USA. 04/01/2010
ns-3 The DSN Research group gave a presentation on the topic "Validation of the IEEE 802.11 Wifi implementation for OFDM-based communication" at the Workshop on NS-3, which was held in conjunction with SIMUTools 2010 in Malaga, Spain. Information about the talk and the corresponding slideset can be found here. 03/17/2010

Our new website is online. Comments, ... 03/11/2010

The book "VANET - Vehicular Applications and Inter-Networking Technologies" (Eds.: H. Hartenstein, K. Laberteaux) appears in January 2010. See also the Wiley site. 04/11/2009

On November 11th, 2009, the DSN group and the Institut für Hochfrequenztechnik und Elektronik, Prof. Zwick, organize a KIT-Workshop on Inter-Vehicle Communication. Further information here (in German). 04/11/2009

The documentation of the project "KIM-Identity Management" and a corresponding condensed report are published as technical reports. 09/09/2009
ns-3 Since July 4th 2009 the network simulator ns-3 is available in version 3.5. For this release, our student Timo Bingmann ported the Nakagami-m radio propagation model (from ns-2) and added support for Gamma und Erlang random variables. 04/07/2009
The German Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology has announced the winners of the technology competition “ICT for electric mobility”. The DSN research group is participating in the project MEREGIOmobil that is one of five successful project proposals. Further information is available in the press release of the ministry (in german). 06/26/2009
ns-2 Since June 26th 2009 the new version 2.34 of network simulator ns-2 is available. In addition to some new features, the new version contains some major bugfixes of our overhauled IEEE 802.11 model, which supports IEEE 802.11a and p. More information can be found here. 06/26/2009
The DSN Research Group gives two presentations at the workshops of the SIMUTools 2009 conference at Rome (March 2-6, 2009). Jens Mittag presents at the Workshop on ns-3 on the topic "An overview of PHY-layer models in ns-3". Felix Schmidt-Eisenlohr joins the SCENES Workshop with a presentation on "Scenario definition and management of VANET simulations - Experiences and future perspectives". 02/27/2009
Prof. Steenkiste from Carnegie Mellon University (CMU) visited Universität Karlsruhe (TH) in January 2009. More informationen here. 02/05/2009
The Traffic Telematics Junior Research Group and the Decentralized Systems and Network Services Research Group at the Institute of Telematics of the University of Karlsruhe (TH) are currently looking for a Research Assistant/Ph.D. Student (TV-L, E 13) in the topic of Wireless Vehicular Communication for Traffic Telematics. More information . 10/15/2008
Car 2 Car Forum and Demonstration 2008 (October 22nd and 23rd): The DSN and the Traffic Telematics groups have a booth. Please come and visit us! More information here. 10/14/2008

On September 21st, 2008, Felix Schmidt-Eisenlohr participated as a panelist of the WiVeC 2008 panel on the topic "Validating VANET Research: Simulation, Emulation and Testbed". More information here.

On July 24th, 2008, Hannes Hartenstein gave a joint keynote at MobiQuitous 2008 and ISVCS 2008, Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland. The slides of the speech entitled "Vehicular Networks - Quo Veheris?" are available here. 07/28/2008
 ns-2 The DSN research group in cooperation with Mercedes-Benz Research & Development North America contributed an overhauled implementation of IEEE 802.11 to the new version of the network simulator ns-2 that was released on March 31st, 2008. Support of IEEE 802.11a and p is included. More information here. 04/22/2008
On 4th of February 2008 Marc Torrent Moreno received an award from the FZI-Förderverein for his outstanding dissertation. Further information see here. 02/05/2008
Distributed energy generation
On Thursday the 31th of January the research project SESAM is on TV channel 3sat. Further information see here. (in german)
2nd place for the NOW project at the "Der Große Preis der Ideen 2007" (in german).


Call for Papers: The First International Workshop on Interoperable Vehicles (IOV 2008) will take  place on the 26th of March, 2008 in Zurich, Switzerland.


DSN research group explores radio antennas ... see some pictures here.



The Fifth International Conference on Wireless On-demand Network Systems and Services (WONS 2008) will take place from 24th to the 25th of January, 2008 in Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany.


Kazaa on the road - Article on Spiegel-online (07/08/07; in german)


The KIM-IDM-Team of the DSN research group was heavily involved in the rollout of the kit.edu email addresses. In particular, the developed concept of a federated and service-oriented identity management fostered the deployment. More information here (in german).


Hannes Hartenstein and Ken Laberteaux will present a Tutorial on "Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks" at the MobiCom 2007. Further information here.


The kickoff-meeting for the project "Communication by Autonomic Infrastructure" (KAI) took place. Further information here.


Call for papers: The 1st IEEE International Symposium on Wireless Vehicular Communications (WiVEC) will take place from 30th of September to 1st of October 2007 in Baltimore


Cars that talk to each other - Article on Spiegel-online (12/06/06; in german)


Call for Papers: The first Workshop on "Integriertes Informationsmanagement an Hochschulen - Quo Vadis Universität 2.0?" will take place on 1st of March 2007.


Call for Papers: The first 'IEEE Workshop on Automotive Networking and Applications (AutoNet 2006)' will take place in San Francisco, USA at the 1st of December 2006 in conjunction with GLOBECOM 2006.


Call for Papers: The fourth 'Workshop on Mobile Ad-Hoc Networks (WMAN 2007)' will take place from the 26th of February to the 2nd of March 2007 in Bern, Switzerland in conjunction with the KiVS 2007.

Call for Papers: The first International Workshop on Pervasive Transportation Systems (PerTrans '07) will take place from the 26th to the 30th of March in New York, USA. 07/21/2006
Two Full-Time PhD / Postdoc Positions available. Further information see here. 06/02/2006
Call for Papers: The third ACM International Workshop on Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks (VANET 2006) will take place from 29th of September in Los Angeles, USA. 05/02/2006
The Graduate School "Self-Organizing Sensor-Actuator-Systems" is officially opened on 19th of May, 2 p.m. at the Audimax of the University of Karlsruhe. Program and invitation here. 05/02/2006
Virtual power plants – Self-organizing future markets
The DSN research group presented at the CeBIT 2006 the last achievements of the SESAM project. Pictures of the ‚virtual power plant’ model and more information are available here.
Virtual power plants – Self-organizing future markets
The DSN research group is present on the CeBIT 2006 in the context of the SESAM project. You will find us from March 9th till 15th in Hall 9, Stand B40.
Call for Papers: The third European Workshop on Security in Ad hoc and Sensor Networks ESAS 2006 will take place from 20th to the 21st of September in Hamburg, Germany. 02/10/2006
The book 'Inter-Vehicle-Communications - Based on Ad Hoc Networking Princinples' on the FleetNet-Project, written by Walter Franz, Hannes Hartenstein and Martin Mauve, has been published by universitätsverlag karlsruhe. You find further information here. 11/29/2005
The special issue on 'Self-Organisation in Mobile Networking' of the 'European Transactions on Telecommunications', guest editors Christian Bettstetter, Frank Fitzek, Hannes Hartenstein, Guy Pujolle and Paolo Santi, is online available. Further information here. 10/07/2005
The proceedings of the 2nd ACM workshop on 'Vehicular ad hoc networks' are available. Further information here. 09/23/2005
P2P book Logo Springer Textbook on "Peer-to-Peer Systems and Applications" (LNCS 3485) will be available in September 2005 with contribution of the DSN Research Group. More information available here. 09/01/2005
WMAN 2005 Logo 3. German Workshop on Mobile Ad-Hoc Networks (WMAN 2005) held in conjunction with the annual conference on computer science of the GI. More information available here. 08/11/2005
sigmobile Logo VANET 2005, the Second ACM International Workshop on Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks, sponsored by ACM SIGMOBILE, will be held 2 September 2005 in Cologne, Germany, in conjunction with ACM MobiCom 2005. Further information here. 03/15/2005
  The second ESAS workshop seeks submissions that present original research on all aspects of security and privacy in wireless ad hoc and sensor networks. Further information here. 03/15/2005
some Smarts We do research and development in the field of vehicular ad hoc networks. Our main focus is on robust inter-vehicle communications supporting active safety and deployment applications. The DSN group acts as subcontractor to NEC Deutschland GmbH. Among the project partners are DaimlerChrysler, BMW, and Volkswagen as well as the University of Mannheim (Praktische Informatik IV). See the NOW-project. 01/26/2005
LNCS Logo At ESAS 2004, researchers with interests in both networking and security came together to present and discuss the latest ideas and concepts in the design of secure, dependable and privacy-preserving ad hoc and sensor networks. Out of 55 high-quality submissions, the program committee selected 17 papers for publication in the Springer Series Lecture Notes of Computer Science (LNCS). The LNCS 3313 was edited by Claude Castelluccia, Hannes Hartenstein, Christof Paar and Dirk Westhoff. 01/20/2005
IETF Logo J.Quittek, M. Stiemerling and H. Hartenstein (head of the DSN research group) authored "Definitions of Managed Objects for RObust Header Compression (ROHC)" now available as proposed standard RFC 3816. This RFC describes a set of managed objects that allow monitoring of running instances of RObust Header Compression (ROHC). Find the complete document here. 08/03/2004
COIT Logo Recently Marc Torrent-Moreno, researcher in our group, have been awarded by the COIT (Colegio oficial de Ingenieros de Telecomunicación). The Spanish association selected the master thesis “A performance study of Mobile IPv6, Hierarchical Mobile IPv6, Fast Handovers for Mobile IPv6 and their combination” performed by Marc at NEC Europe Ltd. as the best master thesis of 2003 in Mobility and Multimedia in Telecommunications. 07/08/2004
ACM Logo Call for Papers for ACM Mobicom 2004 Workshop on Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks (VANET): http://www.path.berkeley.edu/vanet/ 04/01/2004
WMAN 2004 Logo Call for Papers: 2. German Workshop on Mobile Ad-hoc Networks Co-located with the conference ´Informatik 2004 -Informatik verbindet´ Annual Meeting of the German Association for Computer Science (GI) http://www.informatik2004.de/fileadmin/dateien_redaktion/CfP-adhoc-en.pdf
Journal Cover Call for Papers: European Transactions on Telecommunications (Wiley) - Special Issue on Self-Organization in Mobile Networking 03/17/2004
PIK Cover The PIK special issue on 'Mobile Ad-Hoc-Netzwerke' (in German) edited by Hannes Hartenstein and Martin Mauve was published as PIK no. 4, vol. 26 in December 2003. This special issue covers papers on medium access, routing, applications and security considerations related to ad hoc networking. 01/09/2004
Teaser Picture Call for Papers: First European Workshop on Security in Ad-Hoc and Sensor Networks (ESAS 2004), August 5-6 2004, Heidelberg, Germany; see http://www.netlab.nec.de/esas/esas2004.html 12/05/2003