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MeRegioMobil - e-mobility in the energy system of the future

MeRegioMobil - e-mobility in the energy system of the future
Contact:Hannes Hartenstein, Konrad Jünemann links:
Project Group:Research Project
The project MeRegioMobil addresses the topic of e-mobility. In particular, how electric vehicles can be integrated in the energy system.

The project is not only concerned about the integration of electric vehicles in the energy system and efficient usage of existing overcapacities. The battery of electric vehicles can also be used, to mitigate the peaks in the electric grid, i.e., batteries can be used as dynamic puffer for energy. An efficient integration in the energy system is only possible through modern information and communication technology.

Therefore concepts like market models, legal frameworks, IT systems, communication infrastructures, and innovative services have to be analyzed and be further developed, respectively.

There are different goals of the DSN reseach group within the project MeRegioMobil.
First, the knowledge and research results in the field of Verhicle2X communication as well as identity and access management will be introduced in MeRegioMobil. So, the impact of Vehicle2X communication on dynamic route planning and traffic efficiency in the context of electric vehicles can be analyzed. Further, charging stations demand an efficient identity and access management. Moreover, the robustness of the envisioned ICT architecture will be analyzed and optimized in the event of extreme situation like flash crowds.