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Mobicom Poster Abstract: Studying Vehicle Movements on Highways and their Impact on Ad-Hoc Connectivity
Autor: H. Füßler, M. Torrent Moreno, H. Hartenstein, M. Transier, R. Krüger, W. Effelsberg Links:
Quelle: ACM SIGMOBILE Mobile Computing and Communications Review (MC2R), Volume 10,  Issue 4, Pages: 26 - 27, October 2006
Recent research shows that protocol performance in VANETs is quite different from performance in Random Way-Point Model scenarios and specializing protocols in these scenarios can be both challenging but also beneficial.
In this work, we present a set of real scenarios of one of the common situations in vehicular environments, i.e., highways. Additionally, an analysis from a connectivity perspective has been performed intending to support the design and/or study of communication protocols tailored to this specific environments. Starting from reality-audited highway movement data generated for the FleetNet project, we have created a set of node movement traces especially for the use with network simulators like ns-2. In addition, we provide a tool, called HWGui, for the visualization and computation of the set of statistics dealing (a) with the movements itself and (b) with the communication consequences assuming a Unit Disk Graph radio connectivity model.