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Proceedings of the 3rd international workshop on Vehicular ad hoc networks
Autor: W. Holfelder (General Chair), D. Johnson (General Chair), H. Hartenstein (Program Chair), V. Bahl (Program Chair) Links:
Quelle: ISBN: 1-59593-540-1, Order Number: 105063, ACM Press
The field of vehicular ad hoc networks with its vehicle-to-vehicle and vehicle-to-roadside communications continues to be an exciting and demanding research area within the field of mobile networks, bringing together researchers and practitioners from various disciplines. The quest for high-performance, highly reliable, highly scalable and secure VANET technologies has led to significant advances in this field of intervehicular communication. Nevertheless, many more steps are needed towards large-scale real-world deployments of vehicular ad hoc networks.

The technical program of VANET 2006 contains four sessions of carefully peer-reviewed research papers that cover the areas of safety, data dissemination, modeling and simulation, and security. The technical program also includes a poster session that presents a range of cutting edge results and insights.