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User-Centric Secure Data Sharing: Exploration of Concepts and Values
Autor: J. Grashöfer, A. Degitz, O. Raabe Links:
Quelle: Erscheint in: To be published at 47. Jahrestagung der Gesellschaft für Informatik, Chemnitz, Germany, September 2017
Data we handle and generate when using Internet-based services reveals information on our behavior and values. Access control to this data most often lies in the hands of service or storage providers. With regard to the value ladenness of data sharing in particular, we propose to shift the focus back to the user by introducing the concept of User-Centric Secure Data Sharing (UC-SDS). The UC-SDS approach aims at combining technologies and methodologies from the fields of secure data sharing, secure data outsourcing and value-oriented design. In this paper, we discuss design alternatives using the example of car telemetry data, considering their value interdependencies with particular emphasis on the legal context. Our work indicates that through combination of available building blocks, a higher level of user-centricity in access control is possible than we are used to today.