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Decentralized Secure Data Sharing with Attribute-Based Encryption: A Resource Consumption Analysis
Autor: H. Kühner, H. Hartenstein Links:
Quelle: The Fourth International Workshop on Security in Cloud Computing (SCC), Xi'an, China, Mai 2016
Secure Data Sharing (SDS) enables users to share data in the cloud in a confidential and integrity-preserving manner. Many recent SDS approaches are based on Attribute-Based Encryption (ABE), leveraging the advantage that ABE allows to address a multitude of users with only one ciphertext. However, ABE approaches often come with the downside that they require a central fully-trusted entity that is able to decrypt any ciphertext in the system. In this paper, we investigate on whether ABE could be used to efficiently implement Decentralized Secure Data Sharing (D-SDS), which explicitly demands that the authorization and access control enforcement is carried out solely by the owner of the data, without the help of a fully-trusted third party. For this purpose, we did a comprehensive analysis of recent ABE approaches with regard to D-SDS requirements. We found one ABE approach to be suitable, and we show different alternatives to employ this ABE approach in a group-based D-SDS scenario. For a realistic estimation of the resource consumption, we give concrete resource consumption values for workloads taken from real-world system traces and exemplary up-to-date mobile devices. Our results indicate that for the most D-SDS operations, the resulting computation times and outgoing network traffic will be acceptable in many use cases. However, the computation times and outgoing traffic for the management of large groups might prevent using mobile devices.