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Tunable Security for Deployable Data Outsourcing
Autor: J. Köhler Links:
Quelle: Dissertation, ISBN 978-3-7315-0411-5, KIT Scientific Publishing, 2015
Security mechanisms like encryption can be used to enforce security characteristics before outsourcing data to untrusted parties. However, in many cases these security mechanisms negatively affect other quality characteristics like efficiency. Unnecessary negative effects on quality characteristics can be avoided by only applying the security mechanisms that are really needed to satisfy the security requirements of the given deployment scenario. However, tailoring an approach to match individual scenario requirements induces design and implementation effort and requires expert knowledge. Thus, it is preferable to build tunable approaches that allow to tune the trade-off between security and other quality characteristics after the implementation and design phase. This thesis introduces a methodology that can be used to build such tunable approaches. Furthermore, the thesis shows how the proposed methodology can be applied to address acknowledged problems in the domains of database outsourcing, identity management, and credential management.