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On Spatial Measures for Geotagged Social Media Contents
Autor: X. Wang, T. Gaugel, M. Keller Links:
Quelle: 5th International Workshop on Mining Ubiquitous and Social Environments, Nancy, France, September 2014
Recently, geotagged social media contents became increasingly available to researchers and were subject to more and more studies. Different spatial measures such as Focus, Entropy and Spread have been applied to describe geospatial characteristics of social media contents. In this paper, we draw the attention to the fact that these popular measures do not necessarily show the geographic relevance or dependence of social content, but mix up geographic relevance, the distribution of the user population, and sample size. Therefore, results based on these measures cannot be interpreted as geographic effects alone. We show potential misinterpretations and propose normalized measures that show less dependency on user population.