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Inter-Vehicular Communication – Quo Vadis (Dagstuhl Seminar 13392)
Autor: O. Altintas, F. Dressler, H. Hartenstein, O. Tonguz Links:
Quelle: Dagstuhl Reports, Vol. Volume 3, No. Issue 9, pp. 190-213, Januar 2014
"Inter-Vehicular Communication -- Quo Vadis?". With this question in mind, leading experts in the field of vehicular networking met in Dagstuhl to discuss the current state of the art and, most importantly, the open challenges in R&D from both an scientific and an industry point of view. After more than a decade of research on vehicular networks, the experts very seriously asked the question whether all of the initial research issues had been solved so far. It turned out that the perspective changed in the last few years, mainly thanks to the ongoing field operational tests in Europe and the U.S. The results point to new research directions and new challenges that need to be solved for a second generation of vehicular networking applications and protocols. In four working groups, the experts studied these new challenges and derived recommendations that are also very helpful for the respective funding organizations.