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Characterization and Modeling of Dissemination Delays in Inter-Vehicle Communication Networks
Autor: T. Gaugel, J. Mittag, H. Hartenstein Links:
Quelle: Vehicular Networking Conference, Seoul, Republic of Korea, November 2012
It is most likely that upcoming vehicles will be equipped with inter-vehicle communication technologies that enable neighboring (and remote) vehicles to exchange information directly (or indirectly over multiple hops) as needed. Although those technologies obviously compete against cellular approaches, inter-vehicle communication will most likely contribute to applications such as cooperative sensing or traffic information systems. In order to evaluate the effectiveness and benefit of such applications - most importantly in very large network scenarios - it is essential to understand the time-delay characteristics of data dissemination processes and to model them efficiently. In this paper, we explore an information-centric modeling approach to describe the time delay of beaconing based data dissemination. Our approach is based on the analogy of a construction kit with elementary, connectable road shapes (or blocks, e.g. a straight road, an intersection, or similar). The proposed concept supports arbitrary road network layouts, is extensible, and allows to improve the accuracy (and statistical correctness) of blocks over time. We further provide two elementary blocks of the construction kit: a straight road of arbitrary length for highway, rural and city scenarios, as well as an intersection. Compared to previous work, our underlying model of these blocks addresses not only application and communication related aspects, but also mobility related aspects.