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Decomposing the Web Graph: Towards Information Architecture Mining
Autor: M. Keller, A. Blanchard, M. Nussbaumer Links:
Quelle: 22nd ACM Hypertext Conference, Posters and Demos, Eindhoven, Netherlands, Juni 2011
A semantic gap exists between the Web Graph which is the standard model of current Web mining approaches and the Information Architecture as perceived by humans. We believe that this gap can be closed and present a poster of our current work on this topic. The idea is to segment the Web Graph into subgraphs that represent distinct navigation systems and to analyze the subgraphs individually. These subgraphs called Navigation Structure Graphs (NSGs) reveal the type and purpose of navigation systems. The novel method can open doors for a new kind of application that allows reengineering the Information Architecture precisely and promises to solve known problem of Web structure mining as Site boundary detection and hierarchy extraction.