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Who Got All of My Personal Data? Enabling Users to Monitor the Proliferation of Shared Personally Identifiable Information
Autor: S. Labitzke Links:
Quelle: In: Jan Camenisch, Bruno Crispo, Simone Fischer-Hübner, Ronald Leenes and Giovanni Russello (Eds), Privacy and Identity Management for Life, Springer, ISBN 978-3-642-31667-8, pp. 116-129, 2012
The risk involved when users publish information, which becomes available to an unintentional broad audience via online social networks is evident. It is especially difficult for users of social networks to determine who will get the information before it is shared. Moreover, it is impossible to monitor data flows or to control the access to personal data after sharing the information. In contrast to enterprise identity management systems, in which provider-engineered processes control the access to and flow of data, the users of social networks themselves are responsible for information management. Consequently, privacy requirements have become important so that users can control the flow of their personal data across social networks and beyond. In particular, this kind of user-based information management should provide the capability to control data flows in a proactive manner, as well as reactive components to monitor the proliferation of data. In this conceptual paper, we motivate the necessity of a dedicated user-based information management on the basis of studies that we conducted on information that users share publicly in online social networks. Moreover, we outline the building blocks of user-based information management on the basis of existing approaches, which support users in managing data flows and an investigation that we did on the linkability of social network profiles. Furthermore, we contrast user-based information management with our experiences in developing and operating federated identity management services at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT).