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Studying Vehicle Movements on Highways and their Impact on Ad-Hoc Connectivity
Autor: H. Füßler, M. Torrent Moreno, R. Krüger, M. Transier, H. Hartenstein, W. Effelsberg Links:
Quelle: Technical Report TR-2005-003, Department for Mathematics and Computer Science, University of Mannheim, June 2005

While Mobile Ad-Hoc Networks are generally studied using a randomized node movement model such as the Random Way-Point model [8], Vehicular Ad-Hoc Networks deal with street-bound vehicles following a completely different movement pattern. This results—among other things—in a completely different connectivity situation and new challenges for data dissemination or routing/forwarding algorithms. Thus, researchers need a) suitable movement patterns for simulation, and b) a solid statistical understanding of the connectivity situation independent of the protocols utilized. In this work, we present a set of movement traces derived from typical situations on German Autobahns and an elaborate statistical analysis with respect to movement and connectivity relevant parameters. In addition, we present HWGui, a visualization, transformation, and evaluation package developed to study these scenarios. Beside the analysis capabilities HWGui is able, among other things, to generate movement files suitable for simulation with ns-2 [10].