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Fair Sharing of Bandwidth in VANETs
Autor: M. Torrent Moreno, P. Santi, H. Hartenstein Links:
Quelle: Interner Bericht 2005-19, Fakultät für Informatik, Universität Karlsruhe (TH), Juni 2005

We address the challenge of how to share the limited wireless channel capacity for the exchange of safety-related information in a fully deployed vehicular ad hoc network (VANET). In particular, we study the situation that arises when the number of nodes sending periodic safety messages is too high in a specific area. In order to achieve a good performance of safety-related protocols, we propose to limit the load sent to the channel using a strict fairness criterion among the nodes. A formal definition of this problem is presented in terms of a max-min optimization problem with an extra condition of per-node maximality. Furthermore, we propose FPAV, a power control algorithm which finds the optimum transmission range of every node, and formally prove its validity under idealistic conditions. Simulations are performed to visualize the result of FPAV in a couple of road situations. Finally, we discuss the issues that must be taken into account when implementing FPAV.