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Statistical Analysis of the FleetNet Highway Movement Patterns
Autor: R. Krüger, H. Füßler, M. Torrent Moreno, M. Transier, H. Hartenstein, W. Effelsberg Links:
Quelle: Technical Report TR-2005-004, Department for Mathematics and Computer Science, University of Mannheim, July 2005

The major objective of the FleetNet project [5, 2] was to develop a platform for inter-vehicle communication based on the principles of ad-hoc communication. In its process, unicast datagram routing served as one of the research focuses to identify and conquer the challenges of data forwarding in vehicular scenarios. Among others, car movement on highways was a scenario we paid attention to. To serve as a basis for network simulation, DaimlerChrysler provided realistic highway movement traces resulting from their own vehicular movement research [3]. This document is the complement to the Technical Report [4] where we describe the work done on the DaimlerChrysler traces in order to: a) model bidirectional scenarios, b) obtain Tcl scenarios compatible with the ns-2 simulator, and c) understand the vehicle distribution and movement of the resulting scenarios from a connectivity point of view. This report consists of the whole statistical evaluation of the basic set of scenarios listed in [4] and available to the VANET (Vehicular Ad-Hoc Network) community at [1]. We highly recommend the reading of [4], which describes the structure of this document and all parameters being analyzed.