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Geographic Routing in City Scenarios (poster abstract)
Autor: C. Lochert, M. Mauve, H. Füßler, H. Hartenstein Links:
Quelle: ACM SIGMOBILE Mobile Computing and Communications Review (MC2R), Volume 9, Issue 1,  Pages: 69 - 72, January 2005

Position-based routing, as it is used by protocols like Greedy Perimeter Stateless Routing (GPSR) [5], is very well suited for highly dynamic environments such as inter-vehicle communication on highways. However, it has been discussed that radio obstacles [4], as they are found in urban areas, have a significant negative impact on the performance of positionbased routing. In prior work [6] we presented a position-based approach which alleviates this problem and is able to find robust routes within city environments. It is related to the idea of position-based source routing as proposed in [1] for terminode routing. The algorithm needs global knowledge of the city topology as it is provided by a static street map. Given this information the sender determines the junctions that have to be traversed by the packet using the Dijkstra shortest path algorithm. Forwarding between junctions is then done in a position-based fashion. In this short paper we show how position-based routing can be aplied to a city scenario without assuming that nodes have access to a static street map and without using source routing.