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Inter-Vehicle-Communications - Based on Ad Hoc Networking Principles
Autor: W. Franz (Editor), H. Hartenstein (Editor), M. Mauve (Editor) Links:
Quelle: erschien im universitätsverlag karlsruhe, 2005ISBN 3-937300-88-0
Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks (VANETs) represent an emerging topic in wireless communication and networking. VANETs are currently receiving a lot of attention due to their promise of considerably increasing safety and comfort while being on the road. High mobility, adverse channel conditions, and market introduction are some of the key challenges one has to deal with when designing these spontaneous networks. Inter-Vehicle-Communications Based on Ad Hoc Networking Principles covers results and achievements of the FleetNet project, a project devoted to the design of a vehicular ad hoc network. Coverage includes:
  • Synchronization on physical layer
  • Data link control: reservation-based medium access control
  • Forwarding strategies for emergency notifications
  • Position-based routing and forwarding
  • Implementation of a position-based router
  • Internet integration
  • Applications for inter-vehicle-communications
  • A self-organized traffic information system
  • Location-based messaging for vehicular communications